13 Trader Joe's Holiday Products Every Lazy Girl Swears By

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Grab these TJ's items to win at the holidays AND get out of that kitchen!

There is no need to spend all your time in the kitchen this holiday season when you can get these fab holiday food stuffs from Trader Joe's to help kickstart your holiday entertaining. Luckily, our cult-favorite supermarket has a whole slew of seasonal fare that is only available once a year. So stock up now because these items won't be available for long. Ahead, check out our picks for the best Trader Joe's holiday products, some of which we've been eating for years, and others that are brand-spanking new.

Apple Pie Cheddar Cheese


Cheeses can be so haughty and ambitious, determined to set themselves apart from the basic Jack or Mozzarella varieties. So after taking a look at our plethora of cheeses, we decided it was time for a cheese with a less-entitled air that still pushed past the basics. Something exciting and a little rebellious—but still American. And the most American thing we could think of? Apple Pie. Cue the Spotlight: Trader Joe's Apple Pie Cheddar Cheese is our featured September curd. Sassy and sensible, if you ask us...

Popcorn Tin


This annual festive popcorn tin is a TJ's staple. And this year the grocery chain is mixing things up with new popcorn flavors. Olive oil is making a comeback, but Sriracha Lime, Cheddar and Caramel, and Hot Chocolate are brand new!

Pumpkin Cheesecake


Okay, so we're totally guilty of eating this since October, but it's the perfect dessert to bring to any and all holiday parties.

Mini Dark Chocolate Mint Stars


We've already waxed poetic about these tasty morsels, but they're officially back. We recommended grabbing 'em while you can!



Only Trader Joe's could make us covet an out-of-date appetizer for our holiday parties.

Winter Wassail


TJ's classic holiday punch is mighty tasty on its own, spiked with wine, or heated up and topped off with something stronger (we suggest whiskey).

Panettone French Toast


Because everyone knows the real reason we buy panettone is so we can turn it into French toast later.

Uncured Bacon Wrapped Porchetta Pork Roast


Taking a break from these sweets to point out that you can serve a no-fuss bacon-wrapped porchetta on your holiday table this year.

Egg Nog


No need to make it yourself when you can just spike TJ's eggnog.

A Joyful Trek Mix


Trader Joe's has some of the best trail mixes out there, and this one is no different. It features roasted California almonds, pistachios, Greek yogurt chips, red & green chocolate buttons, and dried cranberries.

Rustic Apple Tarte


Our favorite way to pretend we worked really hard in the kitchen when in fact we just baked this freezer dessert from TJ's.

Harmonious Nut Quartet


Put this out at your holiday soiree and everyone will think you're fancy.

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