13 Times It's Actually Okay To Judge Another Mom

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Keep your head high and your middle finger higher.

Mom judging and mom guilt tend to go hand in hand, and they raise the fundamental question:

Why do we do this to ourselves? I always cringe when I hear a mom ask another mom a question like, "Shouldn’t he be wearing a jacket?" Moms know their kids, well enough to know whether they need a jacket, barring of course if he were running buck naked in a snow storm, thanks but no thanks.

Let's stop the mom judging people, cause you know when it's really okay to judge another mom? ...

1. Umm ... Never

2. Never

3. Still Never

4. Basically,

5. Nope

6. Don't do it.

7. Never

8. Neva

9. Supercalifragilistic - NEVER - alidocious

10. Nope, never

11. Girl, never

12. NEVA

13. Forever Neva

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