20 Struggles Only A True Fan Girl Will Understand

Robin Eisenberg / Instagram

"Into the garbage chute, fly-boy."

1. You believe in love at first episode.

2. INSANE binge-watching sessions are a thing:

3. Like, insane.

4. Then, when someone drops a major spoiler on social media:

5. And once you’ve finished the series ...

6. At a young age you just knew:

7. But that was just high school. Turns out, you're actually dope and interesting.

8. Sometimes, like at work, you have to hide your excessive knowledge of fictional characters and story lines, so you don’t come off as weird.

9. But you always out yourself

10. And end up backpeddling.

11. And when you're upset, this is LITERALLY your boyfriend or family:

12. When your non-fangirl friends text you that their terrible ex-boyfriend wants to get back together you REALLY want to send this:

13. But instead, you have to sent this:

Cause Brittany just wouldn't understand.

14. You always try to get your friends involved, but most of the time they don’t share your enthusiasm, like AT ALL, so you just end up feeling weird.

15. At least until you find your real tribe and they welcome you with open arms of equal weirdness.

16. And ultimately you come to the conclusion that:

17. And you know what:

18. You're sick of people asking dumb questions like:

19. And hey, what you are really, is pretty freaking interesting and amazing.

20. Oh, and that one time you were kind of a mega bitch:

I'm sorry I threw your badge in the pool Rachel when you pointed out all of the inaccuracies with my cosplay.

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