13 Hot Male Celebs Who'll Make You Pregnant Without Even Touching You

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Whether you're into the strong silent type or a Hollywood action hero...

These hot male celeb photos are the dapper, manscaped aphrodisiac you need in your life right now. I mean, who doesn't enjoy looking at a hot man? I personally wish there were a bit more photos of Chris Pratt naked or some close-up shots of Kit Harrington's butt... but hey, that's just me.

After gazing at these hot male celebs, you may just need to catch your breath! While only photos, it's abundantly clear that you're witnessing a powerful taste of these hot male celebs and their magnetic male sexual prowess.

1. Chris Pratt Basically Naked

2. Kit Harington Can Come Over Anytime...

3. Chris Pine

4. Luke Evans

5. Benedict Cumberbatch

6. Zac Efron

7. Chris Hemsworth

8. Theo James

9. Ansel Elgort

10. Nick Jonas

11. Ryan Guzman

12. Idris Elba

13. Scott Eastwood

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