15 Fun & Weird Sex Facts You Definitely Didn’t Learn In Biology Class

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Who knew? ¯\ (ツ)

1. Semen is very rich in natural ingredients.

Not only does it contain nitrogen, fructose, lactic acid, ascorbic acid, cholesterol, creatine and citric acid, but also Vitamin B and protein.

Who knew? ¯\ (ツ)

2. Your sex life might affect your income.

A yearlong study of Greek subjects found that people who had sex four times or more per week made substantially more money than those who didn’t.

3. The smell of pumpkins is an aphrodisiac for men.

A study done by The Smell and Taste Treatment and Research Foundation of Chicago (that’s a long name) found that just smelling pumpkin can increase blood flow to the male genitals. Makes you rethink your favorite holidays, doesn’t it?

4. Your income might be tied to erections, too.

Some studies suggest that men with erectile dysfunction often have wives who earn more money than they do. Weird, right?

5. "Doing it like rabbits" is an actual thing.

Well, not only are they infamous for their breeding practices, but their ejaculation contains 280 million sperm, which is the same number as their (much larger) human counterparts.

6. Penises used to have spines in them.

As best we can tell, spiny genitals went by the wayside before we were Neanderthals, and we have no idea why they existed in the first place.

But we’re probably glad they’re gone.

7. 'Penis Curses' occurred in ancient times.

They were common on Greek Islands. We realized this when someone discovered a tablet that said, “May your penis hurt every time you make love.”


8. Western Australia sure does love threesomes.

A survey found that 53% of the population had engaged in one at one point or another.

9. People aren't shy about getting busy in the workplace.

A survey held by a job website found that more than 10% of people have had sex at work.

10. Some women can achieve orgasm by working out.

Sign me up.

Alfred Kinsey discovered this in 1953 and found that it’s true for about 5% of the female population. Sounds like a mixed blessing, doesn’t it?

11. Sex can subtly damage your property

Bed frames, walls, windows (!), lamps, and vases are the items most commonly damaged during lovemaking.

12. Sperm sure can travel FAST.

At male climax, sperm can travel at 28 miles per hour. That’s way faster than the world record for sprinting, which is 22.9 MPH.

13. Also, sperm contains A LOT of information ... a lot

37.5 megabytes of DNA info, to be exact.

14. Housework makes men less...amorous.

Uggghhh. Studies have shown that men are less driven sexually the more housework they do.

15. Kinky is healthy.

Studies suggest that mixing it up in the bedroom and gettin’ weird might be more psychologically healthy than keeping things plain.

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