7 Lessons We Can All Learn From Elementary School Kids On Valentine's Day


Cause kids Valentine's Day is about chocolate and everyone's your valentine.

Kids know what Valentine's Day is really about

Remember when you were a kid and you celebrated Valentine's Day at school? I bet you made your best friend, teacher, maybe even your bratty sister a valentine, right? (If my sister is reading: I love you, but you were a brat when we were kids...)

Why not take a tip from the kids this year, I mean shouldn't Valentine's Day be an expression of the love we feel for everyone in our lives? Children are the perfect example of how Valentine's Day is really about a whole lot more.

Valentine's Day should be about chocolate, more chocolate, and then the love we feel for friends that sit out a round of kickball when your stomach hurts from eating too much chocolate.

So, here's a list celebrating kids Valentine's Day, cause kids know what's up and how to share the love with everyone. And, when you really think about it, isn't love just another word for kindness, so why can't we celebrate being kind to everyone?

On Kid Valentine's Day: We celebrate friends

On kid Valentine's Day: It's a crazy party, everybody gets a card ... even that girl who put gum in your hair

On kid Valentine's Day: We celebrate the important things ... like chocolate.

Did I mention chocolate?

On kid Valentine's Day: You use your imagination, misshaped hearts welcome

On Kid Valentine's Day: You love you, not just the people you're with

On kid Valentine's Day: Nobody takes themselves too seriously

And Finally, On Kid Valentine's Day: You're happy for no reason

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