Irish Catholic Lingo - It's A Thing. How Many Words Do You Actually Know?

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Do you have the luck of the Irish?

What are the common practices of Irish Catholics? Differences between Roman Catholics and Irish Catholics. Popular Irish hymns.

 Mar 12, 2018
1 of 15Question 1
Irish Catholic is:
A distinct religion
A religious cult
A cultural distinction
2 of 15Question 2
What does 'Corpus Christi' mean?
Holy Eucharist
Body of Christ
3 of 15Question 3
What does 'sanctus' mean?
4 of 15Question 4
What does Sláinte mean?
Good health
Good luck
Drink up
5 of 15Question 5
"May the ____ rise up to meet you."
6 of 15Question 6
What did St. Patrick use to teach about the Trinity?
7 of 15Question 7
When is St. Patrick's day?
March 17
March 1
March 12
8 of 15Question 8
What piece of jewelry indicated a woman's relationship status?
Claddagh Ring
Purity ring
Puzzle ring
9 of 15Question 9
What would you usually see in a pot plant or a bush?
Infant of Prague
A rosary
Baby jesus
10 of 15Question 10
What color is the book of Catechism?
11 of 15Question 11
Baloney and Blarney are forms of:
12 of 15Question 12
If you can't find your keys, to whom should you pray for?
St. Joseph
St. Lucas
St. Anthony
13 of 15Question 13
Who is the patron saint of melancholy?
St. Agnes
St. Cecilia
St Dymphna
14 of 15Question 14
What does Dia dhuit mean?
May the odds be in your favor.
God bless you.
Luck of the Irish
15 of 15Question 15
Irish Catholics are know to have massive amounts of ____.
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