Barely Anyone Can Finish 12/16 Of These NYC Phrases West Coasters Won't Get

Only a true New Yorker will know these phrases!

Quiz on New York City, New York phrases, slang, and sayings that New Yorkers would know and understand.

 Jan 30, 2018

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If you're ordering pizza, you're ordering a _____.

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What do you call traveling east to west or vice versa?
The long way

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If you want a coffee with two cream or milk and two sugars, what do you order?
NY coffee
The Regular
Creamed coffee

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Food ordered from a food cart is _____.
street food

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If you're heading north in Manhattan, where do you say you are headed?
Up north

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The steps leading up to an apartment building are called what?
The porch
The stairs
The stoop

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You don't stand in line, you stand _____.
on hold
in wait
ON line

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Long Island is also called what?
The Island
The LI
Little NY

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If you're traveling south in Manhattan, where do you say you are headed?

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A bagel is topped with _____.

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If you're in the area south of Houston, you're where?
Little Italy

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Anything above the northernmost borough is considered what?
Out of town

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If you want to tell a cab driver you're heading to Manhattan, you can call it what?
The Island
The City

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The corner stores in New York are called _____.
small shops

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The train in New York is called what?
The metro
The subway
The railway

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If you want a snack, you want some _____.
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