The Younger You Are The Worse You'll Do On This Classic Movies Quiz

tom cruise, clueless, movies, age quiz
risky business via warner bros./clueless via paramount pictures

Are you "old" enough??

This quiz will test your general knowledge on all things movies. Does your knowledge span for YEARS?!

 Jul 17, 2021

1 of 20Pick One:

big daddy, cereal, adam sandler
via Columbia Pictures
Stuart Little
Big Daddy
Jerry Maguire

2 of 20Pick One:

9 to 5, women, smart, independent, jessica, history
via 20th Century Fox
9 to 5
And Then There Were None
Working Girl

3 of 20Pick One:

movies, celebs, Terms of Endearment, 1983, Jack Nicholson, Shirley MacLaine
Paramount Pictures
Terms of Endearment
Something's Gotta Give
War of the Roses

4 of 20Pick One:

Remember The Titans, movies/tv
Buena Vista Pictures
Friday Night Lights
Miss Congeniality
Remember the Titans

5 of 20Pick One:

Planes, Trains & Automobiles
Paramount Pictures
The Great Outdoors
Planes, Trains and Automobiles

6 of 20Pick One:

Working Girl
20th Century Fox
Great Expectations
Working Girl

7 of 20Pick One:

movies, celebs, sunset boulevard, gloria swanson
Paramount Pictures
Mulholland Drive
Sunset Boulevard
Melrose Place

8 of 20Pick One:

How Stella Got Her Groove Back
20th Century Fox
How Stella Got Her Groove Back
The Grand Budapest Hotel

9 of 20Pick One:

Pride & Prejudice, love, relationship, kiss, Kiera Knightly
via Focus Features
The Notebook
Pride and Prejudice

10 of 20Pick One:

Orion Pictures
Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure
Point Break
The Matrix

11 of 20Pick One:

movies, celebs, Bonnie and Clyde, warren beatty, faye dunaway, 1967
Warner Bros.
The Departed
The Untouchables
Bonnie and Clyde

12 of 20Pick One:

movies, jerry maguire, 1996, renée zellweger, tom cruise, romantic comedy
TriStar Pictures
Jerry Maguire
Vanilla Sky
Bridget Jones's Diary

13 of 20Pick One:

rocky horror, movies/tv, money, Music, pop culture
20th Century Fox
Rocky Horror Picture Show
Nightmare on Elm Street

14 of 20Pick One:

first wives club
Paramount Pictures
First Wives' Club
Thelma and Louise
Something's Gotta Give

15 of 20Pick One:

classic movies, mildred pierce, Joan Crawford
Warner Bros. Studios
Mildred Pierce
Gone With the Wind

16 of 20Pick One:

movies, fight club, 1999, brad pitt, AMC
20th Century Fox
Mr. and Mrs. Smith
25th Hour
Fight Club

17 of 20Pick One:

movies, The Jerk, 1979, Steve Martin
Universal Pictures
The Jerk
Cheaper By the Dozen

18 of 20Pick One:

caddyshack, movies/tv
Warner Bros.
Back to School
Groundhog Day

19 of 20Pick One:

movies, celebs, As Good As It Gets, 1997, Jack Nicholson, AMC
TriStar Pictures
As Good As It Gets
The Mummy

20 of 20Pick One:

movies, scent of a woman, 1992, Al Pacino, AMC
Universal Pictures
Scent of a Woman
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