Quiz: Only The Best Baby Boomers Can Answer All These Groovy Q's. Can You?

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Can you prove you are groovy?

This quiz will test to see if you are a true Baby Boomer. How well do you remember the baby boomer generation?

 May 02, 2021

1 of 21Pick One:

Who was the most famous puppet in the 1950s?
Captain Kangaroo
Andy Pandy
Smiles the Clown

2 of 21Pick One:

The "biggest" boot craze of the 60s was ___.
Go-go boots
Cowboy boots
Ugg boots

3 of 21Pick One:

Dick Clark hosted what show?
The View
American Bandstand

4 of 21Pick One:

What's the most famous music festival from the 60s?

5 of 21Pick One:

___ sang "The Twist."
Chubby Checker
Pete Seegar
Fats Alamo

6 of 21Pick One:

What kind of vending machines were everywhere in the 60s?

7 of 21Who's this?

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Ringo Starr
John F. Kennedy
Al Pacino

8 of 21Pick One:

Who walks the stair without a care and makes the happiest sound?
Dam Dolls
Pet Rock

9 of 21Pick One:

Who sang "These Boots Are Made For Walkin"?
Nancy Sinatra
Petula Clark

10 of 21Who is this singer?

Humphrey Bogart
John Lennon
Bob Dylan

11 of 21Who is this actress?

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via Marceau-Cocinor (France) Interfilm (Italy)
Janis Joplin
Brigitte Bardot

12 of 21Pick One:

Who made the classic 1950s toys Little People?
Maui Toys Inc
Fisher Price

13 of 21Pick One:

Don't flip your ___.

14 of 21Pick One:

What does it mean when something's "outta sight"?
Too far to see

15 of 21Pick One:

What's a Slug Bug?
Board game
Type of bug
Volkswagen Beetle

16 of 21Pick One:

What's a Corn Popper?
A caramel dessert
Popular 50s toy
A genre of music

17 of 21What's the name of this toy?

A slinky
Ankle biters

18 of 21Pick One:

What TV show did The Beatles make their US debut on?
Saturday Night Live
Soul Train
The Ed Sullivan Show

19 of 21Pick One:

What was the most popular "hoop" of the 1950s?
Hoop earrings
Basketball hoop
Hula Hoop

20 of 21Pick One:

Ankle-biter was slang for ___.
The police

21 of 21Pick One:

If you got a "wig chop," that means you got ___.
No money
A haircut
A new car
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