Southern Pride - It's A Thing. Can You Get 20/20 On This Test?

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Bet ya'll can't get 100% on this quiz!

Challenge yourself by taking this difficult quiz about southern pride and see if you know how to be a true southerner!

 Mar 21, 2018
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Which of these states is NOT considered a southern state?
North Carolina
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When someone says "they're fixin' to", they are _____.
Preparing to do something
Repairing something that broke
Not going to do something
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Which southern state has the highest population?
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What is the nickname for the southeastern part of the United States?
Down Under
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What is the southern way to say "Without any problems, it will be successful"?
Without issues, it'll work
Lord willing and the creek don't rise
If the snake don't bite, it'll be okay
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What event is hosted in Louisville, Kentucky?
The Melbourne Cup
The Dubai World Cup
The Kentucky Derby
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Memphis, Tennessee is the birthplace of _____.
Country music
Rock and Roll music
Jazz and Blues music
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What is a clicker?
A phone
A computer
A remote control
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When a southern person thinks, they _____.
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Harper Lee's "To Kill A Mockingbird" took place in which state?
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What does stick-to-your-ribs mean?
Go with your gut instincts
Tight fitting clothes
Delicious food that fills you
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What do they mean when they say "half a dozen way or another"?
Both options are equal
They are confused
They are calling someone stupid
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What is the southern way to say someone is adorable?
They are as cute as a button
They are hootin' tootin' fine
They are cuter than an alligator in a swamp
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What food is commonly associated with the south?
Fried Chicken
Naan bread
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How do southerners address people?
Fella, Feller
Her there, Him there
Ma'am, Sir
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What is a fizzy, carbonated drink called?
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What do southerners call the little bugs that light up?
Lightning bugs
Bright Bugs
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What kind of tea do southerners drink?
Sweet Tea
Green Tea
Herbal Tea
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