Quiz: You Probably Don't Know What These 23 College-Level Words Mean

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Are you smarter than a college student?

Take this challenging quiz to see if you are as smart as a college student by defining college level words.

 Mar 11, 2018
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When something is aesthetic, it is _____.
fairly ugly
visually appealing
relatively sticky
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What does binary mean?
A surgery
Relating to two things
A scientific method
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When you condone something, you _____ it.
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What does diction mean?
To make a difficult decision
The choice of words and style in speech
The act of looking up a word in the dictionary
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What is another word for emulate?
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Melancholy describes the _____.
process of starting a business
happiness you get when looking at something you like
feeling of sadness or unhappiness
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When you have a myriad of something, you have _____.
very few
a very large amount
a lot of broken pieces
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What is a pedagogy?
A prayer
The method of teaching in education
A financial plan
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When you rescind something, you _____.
write about it
submit it for consideration
take it back
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What does sublime mean?
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If there is a correlation between two things, there is a _____.
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Which of these words means there is more than is required?
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When someone has an epiphany, they _____.
had a sudden realization
got yelled at
started an orchestra
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What does rancid mean?
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To optimize something means to _____.
destroy it
make the best of it
make it more visual
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The psyche is _____.
a crazy person
the human soul or mind
someone with powers
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What does it mean to embed something?
Let it sleep in
Lay it down on the ground
Set it securely
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Academia refers to ____.
things you learn in the real world
the school building
the world of higher learning
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When something dwindles, it _____.
is creating a work of art
is playing a game
becomes smaller
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Loathe is another way to say _____.
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Deprive means to what?
Deny a person or place of something
Sell something
Add value to something
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If someone is "perplexed", they are _____.
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What does revere mean?
Regard with respect
Fear with great intensity
Plot against
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