Quiz: What Character Trait Defines The Person You'll Grow Up To Be?

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Discover your determining characteristic!

Take this personality quiz to see which characteristic will determine what kind of person you will be when you grow up!

 Feb 24, 2018

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What is something you have never said to yourself?
"I'm too scared to try."
"I will say anything to get my way."
"Everything in my life is awful."
"I need more things."

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If someone is arguing with you, what do you do?
Argue until they give up
Let them win just to stop the argument
Tell them how it is
Accept that you disagree and move on

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What would make you feel the most uncomfortable?
Someone is trying to pressure you into doing something
You don't know what to believe
You are surrounded by negative people
There is nothing you can do to stop something from happening

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When do you make the best decisions?
When you are in a stressful situation
Whenever, you can always think things through
When you are sitting in silence
When you have all of the facts in front of you

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Would you ever break a promise?
Yes, but only if it is more beneficial to break it than keep it
No, if I say I will do something, I will do it
Absolutely not, I keep my word all the time
Yes, if keeping it would bring harm to someone

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If you find a wallet in the street, you would _____.
contact the person after looking at their driver's license
give it to the nearest lost and found
put it in a visible location in case the person comes back
leave it, it isn't your problem

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Do you share your secrets with others?
No, secrets don't need to be shared
No, I don't need other people to help me keep my secrets
Yes, I believe people can keep my secrets
Yes, I believe others should know what's going on with me

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Who would you consider a good friend?
Someone who admits that they lost the book you lent them
Someone who kills a spider for you
Someone who makes you feel better about a bad situation
Someone who shops with you even though they don't want anything

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Would you travel the world if you could?
No, I'm happy staying home
Maybe, depends on where I go
Yes, I want to see everything
Probably, I'm sure it'd be fun

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Who do you admire?
Oprah Winfrey
Abraham Lincoln
Mother Teresa
Rosa Parks

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What do you do when someone you don't want to talk to keeps calling?
Be aggressive and tell them to leave you alone
Be firm and tell them you don't want to talk
Convince yourself you enjoy talking to them
Let them keep calling, you'll live

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If your significant other cheats on you, you would _____.
tell yourself you are better off without them
break up with them and move on
tell them how it made you feel, then break up with them
get revenge by spray painting their car

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Do you tend to worry about things?
Yes, I tend to overthink things
No, whatever happens, happens
No, I can handle whatever happnens
Yes, but I believe it will all work out

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Who is your favorite Disney character?

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What emotion do you feel the most intensely?

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What activity is the most fun?
Playing board games
Exploring outdoors
Laying in a hammock
Spending time with friends

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When you first meet someone, you _____.
ask them to tell you about themselves
tell them your name and move on
firmly shake their hand and lead the conversation
introduce yourself and tell them everything about you

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What would you like to do in the circus?
Sell balloons and cotton candy
Tell people's fortunes
Tame the lions
Interact with the guests
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