Quiz: This Highly Accurate Test Reveals Your True Calling

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Discover who you are meant to be!

If you've ever wondered who you are, take this quiz to figure it out and discover what you are meant to do with your life!

 Mar 12, 2018
1 of 18Pick Your Answer!
Which of these activities do you like doing best?
Go hiking
Organize group activities
Build things
Make up jokes
2 of 18Pick Your Answer!
What do you see when you look at a map?
Different places to visit
Diverse groups of people with different ideas
Different principalities
A map
3 of 18Pick Your Answer!
What do you consider an accomplishment?
Someone creates something new
Anything successfully completed
People finish a task together
The discovery of a new island
4 of 18Pick Your Answer!
Who do you admire?
Amelia Earhart
Leonardo da Vinci
Mahatma Gandhi
Robin Williams
5 of 18Pick Your Answer!
If you could create a film, what would it be?
An instructional video
A documentary about a foreign land
A comedy
Historical Nonfiction
6 of 18Pick Your Answer!
When your computer breaks down, you _____.
panic because it is your life
fix it yourself
run away and leave your problems behind
hire a team and collaborate to get it fixed
7 of 18Pick Your Answer!
What is the NFL?
A complex organization with a hierarchy of people
Teams traveling to different locations to play a game
Not For the Lighthearted
A well thought out game that is continuously developing
8 of 18Pick Your Answer!
What would you do if you had a million dollars?
Buy new gadgets to make your life easier
Not be poor
Visit new places
Start an organization or a business
9 of 18Pick Your Answer!
Every morning, you wake up and say _____.
"I didn't die last night. That's cool."
"Today is the perfect day to make something new."
"I will take on this day head on!"
"Where will I go today?"
10 of 18Pick Your Answer!
What mode of transportation is your favorite?
A pogo stick
An armored SUV
A bike
An airplane
11 of 18Pick Your Answer!
Which of these jobs would be your least favorite?
A mortician
An office worker
A factory line worker
An assistant
12 of 18Pick Your Answer!
Which of these animals is your favorite?
Loch Ness Monster
13 of 18Pick Your Answer!
What would you build with a pile of wood?
A boat
A fire
A contraption
A podium
14 of 18Pick Your Answer!
If you break your leg, you would _____.
take a cab instead of walking places
build something to help you get around easier
not let it stop you from doing whatever you want to do
probably cry a little bit
15 of 18Pick Your Answer!
What is your favorite color?
16 of 18Pick Your Answer!
Which one of these movies do you like best?
Remember The Titans
Flash Of Genius
The Time Traveler's Wife
17 of 18Pick Your Answer!
If you were confronted with a pack of wild dogs, what would you do?
Train them to obey you
Run away as far as you can
Build a barrier around yourself so they can't get to you
Start barking so they think you are one of them
18 of 18Pick Your Answer!
What would you do if you were stranded on an island?
Make friends with a volleyball
Build a flotation device
Evaluate all your options and execute the most logical one
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