Quiz: This Highly Accurate Test Reveals Your Past, Present, And Future


We know your past, present, and future!

Take this personality quiz to tell us about yourself and we will tell you about your past, present, and future!

 Feb 26, 2018

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If you had the chance to travel through time, would you?
Yes, I would go back in time
No, I like where I am
Yes, I would go to the future

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When you run into a problem, who do you ask for advice?
As many people as I can
A few close friends
No one, I can handle it on my own

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Do you panic when you can't solve a problem?
It depends on the problem
No, I'll figure it out eventually
Yes, all the time

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What was your new year's resolution?
Change something about myself
I don't remember because it didn't work out
I never made one

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Which one of these colors best represents you?

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What do you do on a Friday night?
Hang out with friends
Spend time with family

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If you were a teacher, what would you teach
Current Events

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What is the last thing you would ever want to happen in your life?
You lose everything you own
You have no one to talk to
You stay in one place your whole life

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What are you the most hopeful for in your future?
A loving family
A secure job

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If you could be an animal, what would you be?
Koi Fish

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Which of these jobs sounds the most rewarding?
A Counselor
An Inventor
A Stay-at-home Parent

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Is your present life better than your past life?
No, it has stayed relatively the same
Yes, I am much happier now than I ever was
Sort of, some things are better while others are the same

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If you were invited to a big party, would you go?
No, I have other things to do
Yes, that sounds like fun
Maybe, it depends on who is going to be there

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If you could go back to being a teenager, would you?
No, I didn't like those years
Yes, those were fun years
Maybe, just to reminisce, but I like where I am now

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Which of these activities is something you would do?
Put together a photo album
Go on a weekend long hiking trip
Go to an inspirational speaker

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When doing something difficult for the first time, you _____.
use your past experiences to help you figure it out
research and figure out how to do it
just give it a try and see what happens

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How do you feel when you are in a competition?
It is a friendly game
I can get competitive, but I'm okay if I lose
I'm very competitive and need to win

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Are you curious about your ancestry?
I really don't care
It's interesting to learn about
Yes, it is fascinating

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What is your favorite memory about?
Something that happened recently
My favorite memory has yet to be made
Something from my childhood

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Who would be your ideal traveling partner?
Me, myself, and I
A close friend
Someone from my family
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