No One Can Get A 20/20 On This Multiple Subject Knowledge Quiz. Can You?

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Challenge your brain!

Challenge yourself by taking this difficult quiz that asks you questions about all different subjects.

 Mar 05, 2018
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What is the only continent that is also a country?
The United States
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Which country is NOT in South America?
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Which of these skills is genetically inherited?
Snapping your fingers
Doing a cartwheel
Rolling your tongue
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In the Beatles song "Hey Jude", who is Jude?
The Beatles band manager
John Lennon's son
Judas from the Bible
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Who was the second president of the United States of America?
John Adams
George Washington
Abraham Lincoln
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What is Genealogy?
The study of family history
The study of fossils and rocks
The study of genies
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Solve this equation: 3(6+4)
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Who painted the Mona Lisa?
Leonardo da Vinci
Vincent van Gogh
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Who gave the Statue of Liberty to the United States of America?
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What year did people first land on the moon?
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What subject deals with shapes?
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What is a pottery wheel?
A device used to make and shape round pottery
A storage container for ceramic pieces
A wagon wheel made from clay
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What are the three primary colors?
White, Black, Grey
Purple, Green, Orange
Red, Blue, Yellow
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Negative space in a sculpture is _____.
the open space around or in between the object
the part that you don't like
the hidden meaning of the piece
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In the atom, protons are _____.
positively charged
negatively charged
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What happened at 11 o'clock on the eleventh day of the eleventh month in 1918?
World War Two started
Daylight Savings Time began
World War One ended
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What is "cognition"?
The completion of a difficult task
The complete process of thinking
An act of defiance
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Dihyrdogen monoxide is ________.
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What invention made it easier to spread knowledge and literacy?
The Printing Press
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What is a "Joule"?
An animal that lives underground
A celebration in Russia
A unit of energy
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