Quiz: So You Want To Be An Engineer? Try Passing This Quiz!

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Do you have what it takes to be an Engineer?

Take this challenging quiz about engineering and see if you are smart enough to know everything about this career!

 Mar 27, 2018

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Why is magnesium useful for engineering?
It adheres to other substances very well
It is a pretty color
It is the lightest of all light metal alloys

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What does the melting point mean?
It is when something gets too hot to work with
It is the breaking point of an engineer
It is the temperature at which something changes from a solid to a liquid

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Any coating that is subjected to corrosive elements to protect what's inside.
The Coat
Protection Layer
Sacrificial Barrier

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The distance from the center of a circle to the outside is the _____.

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Name one of the rare gases.

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A _____ helps limit pressure.
relief valve
nap break

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What are you doing if you harden an object by rapid cooling?

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What is knurling?
Submerging a finished piece in water to solidify everything
Twisting a metal piece around an object
Finishing a part by pressing patterns in the surface

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What does KVA stand for?
Kilo Volt Amperes
Killing Valuable Assets
Knurling Volts Afterwards

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A conductor in physics is _____.
someone who leads an orchestra
something you use to stop the flow of electricity
a material that transmits heat or electricity

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If you wanted to test the amount of oil on a strip, what would you do?
The Taste Test
The Visual Inspection
The Oil Test

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Oxide is _____.
an element closely relating to oxygen
a compound of oxygen with a different element
when oxygen is removed as a result of a chemical reaction

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What is a bath in the engineering world?
Liquid Nitrogen
Molten metal
Any form of liquid

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PSI is measuring _____.
pounds per square inch
the weight of metal pieces
how much air fills an open space

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What is a fracture?
A measurement of units smaller than 1
A crack or break
A piece of metal that shattered under pressure

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Ambient is _____.
the condition of temperature, humidity, and atmospheric pressure
a method used to hollow out a large chunk of metal
the way sound travels through a solid substance

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What is the formula for measuring density?
Mass divided by volume
Volume divided by mass

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What is another word for delay?
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This challenging quiz will test your knowledge about the career of engineering. You will be asked to answer questions about the language, the methods, and the disciplines in the field of engineering. See if you are smart enough to be an engineer!