Quiz: Only 1 in 49 People Can Pass This New England History Test. Can You?

new england
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New England Native? Prove it.

Take this fun and challenging quiz about the history of New England and see how much you know about where America started.

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This quiz is all about the history of New England! It may be called "New" but this region of the United States is quite old! It has a rich history of events that date all the way back before the United States even existed. Do you remember all that there is to know about the original colonies, the pilgrims, Puritans, and the historical events that all went down in this time? You'll really have to use some brain power, after all, this time dates back to the 1600s. Take this 18 question quiz to prove that you're a history buff, a Native New Englander, a New England lover, or just that you're a great guesser. It's the perfect five minute escape from your hectic day. We'd love to see you take this quiz and get 100%. Prove what you know!

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