No Southerner Can Pass This Midwest Accent Quiz. Can You?

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You betcha this quiz is tough for people who aren't from the Midwest!

Do you pride yourself on being from the Midwest? See if you're as much of a Midwesterner as you think you are by taking this accent quiz now!

 May 20, 2018
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How much do you know about the Midwest? Hopefully a lot, because the Midwest is a wonderful region! You definitely should get to know this area. America is full of diversity and each region is like its own little world. As for the Midwest, it is full of so many fascinating people. They have a unique and exciting culture, and they almost have their own little language. The people of the Midwest have accents that really are one of a kind. Not only do Midwestern folks have their own slang words, but they pronounce words differently than the rest of America. Some words do not even sound like words that the rest of the world is familiar with. Do you know which words these are? If you do, then you are a true Midwesterner. You will do great on this quiz, then, because only a real Midwesterner can get every question on this quiz right. Are you able to speak like they do? Or are you a southerner who doesn't know anything about Midwest culture? Go ahead and take this quiz to see how well you do! Let us know if you can spot the pronunciation difference between a Midwestern "been" and "ben". Do you know how to say "pajamas" the Midwestern way? What about "chimney" or "caramel"? This fun and challenging quiz is one of a kind and will accurately determine whether or not you can communicate with Midwesterners properly! It will be tough for those of you who aren't born and raised in the Midwest!

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