Quiz: No One Over 25 Will Know The Meaning Of These College Slang Words

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This quiz is on fleek, fam!

Take this challenging quiz to test your knowledge about college students' slang words and see if you're savvy enough to fit in with them.

 Mar 24, 2018

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What does it mean when something is "lit"?
It is very bright
It is burning
It is a very fun time

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"Good vibes" are _____.
compliments said loudly
positive emotional signals emanating from a person
loud songs that make the room vibrate

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What is "RT"?
A shorter way to say you want to retake a test
The initials of a famous professor
An acronym for "retweet" to say that you agree

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What is a word for a group of friends or someone close to you?

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What does it mean when something is "chill"?
It is freezing
It is angry
It is relaxed

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When someone is "iced", what do they have to do?
Wear a heated blanket
Take off their clothes
Drink the Smirnoff that was handed to them

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What do people have when they crave snacks?
The munchies
An empty stomach

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What is a person doing when they are "on the grind"?
Crushing something into small bits
Working hard

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What is the term for when someone stays awake all night?
Day at night
Night wake

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When someone is "vegging out", they are _____.
relaxing in a lazy way
eating a lot of fatty foods
eating a lot of vegetables

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What is a "rager"?
A wild party
An angry group of people
A hard test

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When someone is drinking alcohol before going to a social event, they are _____.
celebing early

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What does it mean when someone is turnt?
They passed out because they drank too much alcohol
They have an excessive amount of excitement, usually while intoxicated
They are lost

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In college, when someone is "thirsty", they are _____.
drank too much water
desperate and overly eager
severely dehydrated

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What is a "froomie"?
A roommate who is also a friend
A favorite teacher
A room where club meetings are held

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To be "savage" means _____.
to act out in a raw, unfiltered way
to be rude to people you just met
to be a part of a gang

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"Adulting" is when _____.
someone does things you expect a responsible individual to do
a group of adults gather together to discuss their children
someone needs the help of their parents

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If you say a group of people is "squad goals", it means _____.
you think they should be in a movie
you belong to that group
you want your friends to be like that

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What does it mean when something is "on fleek"?
It needs work
It is being monitored
It is flawless

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When someone is "marathoning", they are _____.
doing a lot of homework in one night
watching a lot of episodes of a TV series in one sitting
running a very long race
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