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 Mar 27, 2018
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_________ means to slice vegetables into long thin strips.
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A ganache is made of _______
Chocolate and cream
Chocolate and egg whites
Water and sugar
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"Butchery" refers to _____.
Raising animals to eat
Meat and seafood fabrication
Preparing vegan meals
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What is "braising"?
Making food that doesn't need to be baked
Searing food at high temps, then covering it while on a low temp
Baking something in the oven for a long period of time
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In the Culinary Arts, “sweat” is _____.
What someone does when they are hot
Leaving meat out to dry
Gently heating up vegetables in oil
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When you beat food with a mixer to make it fluffy by adding air, you are ______.
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What do you do if you "brown" something?
Dye the food with brown food coloring
Let the food sit in the sun
Partially cook the sides of meat
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What is another professional name for "strainer"?
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In the Culinary Arts, what is "canning"?
Firing someone
Cooking foods in sealed cans
Putting leftovers in cans
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What is liquid nitrogen used for in cooking?
It manipulates temperature and texture of foods
It poisons food
It gives the food a unique taste
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To avoid making your eggs dry and rubbery, _____.
Cook them over high heat
Cook them over low heat
Take them off of the heat early
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When you "hone" a knife, you _____.
Put it away
Slowly cut through the food
Realign the edge of the blade
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What does the French term "mise en place" mean?
Taste your food before you serve it to others
Cook with other people in the room at all times
Have all your ingredients ready before you start cooking
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Which of these knives is used to mince, dice, and slice?
Santoku Knife
Paring Knife
Boning Knife
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What is made using the juices of meat and vegetables after they have been cooked?
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What can happen if you crowd a pan?
The food cooks too fast and burns
The food falls out
The temperature of the pan lowers
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Why does a Tomato Knife have tiny serrations on the blade?
It prevents the skin of the tomato from tearing
It keeps the tomato from getting squished as the pressure is applied
It cuts the tomato faster
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Sautéed meats should be turned frequently while cooking to ensure even cooking.
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