Quiz: Most Christian People Can't Pass This Catholic Lent Test. Can You?

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You don't want to abstain from this quiz!

Challenge yourself by taking this difficult quiz about Lent and see how much you know about this Catholic tradition!

 Mar 25, 2018

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What is the Pentecost?
When the Holy Spirit came to the apostles after Jesus died
The day Lent begins
A dish that Catholics eat every Friday during Lent

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The day before Lent starts is nicknamed _____.
Fat Tuesday
Day of Dread
Binge Day

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Have the Lenten practices remained the same since its beginning?
I don't know
No, they have evolved
Yes, the Catholic church is traditional

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How many days after Jesus' death did he rise from the dead?

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What is Holy Thursday?
The Thursday before Easter when Jesus had the Last Supper
The day that Easter falls on every year
The day that Jesus appeared to his disciples after he died

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What does the length of Lent have to do with Jesus?
It is the same number of days Jesus spent in the wilderness
It is how long Jesus' trial was
It is how long Jesus told his apostles to fast

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What word is Lent derived from?

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What happened on the first Easter?
Jesus rose from the dead
Jesus was crucified
Jesus' disciples got together to look for hidden eggs

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What are two common things Catholics do during Lent?
Work and Nap
Fast and abstain
Visit family and eat a lot of food

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What is the last week of Lent called?
Week of Repentance
Lenten Week
Holy Week

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What is Good Friday?
The day Catholics celebrate the good in everyone
The day Jesus was crucified
The day Jesus rose from the dead

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What color do priests wear during Lent?

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During Lent, Catholics are not supposed to _____ on Fridays.
Indulge themselves
Eat meat

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_____ are not included when counting the days of Lent.

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Lent began around the year 325 during the __________.
Bemean Council
Council of Nicea
Marian Organization

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What is the day called that Lent begins on?
Smokey Tuesday
Ash Wednesday
Soot Thursday

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What church holiday is Lent supposed to prepare Catholics for?
St. Valentine's Day

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How long is Lent?
35 days
30 days
40 days
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