Quiz: Everyone Has A Movie That Matches Their Personality - What's Yours?


This quiz is like a box of chocolates, you don't know what result you're gonna get.

Take this fun personality quiz to see which movie you match with by answering questions about yourself!

 Dec 07, 2018

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Which of the following do you enjoy doing the most?
Cooking and cleaning
Singing and dancing
Making arts and crafts

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Which of these jobs do you consider the most exciting?
Running my own business
Performing in a circus
Being the CEO of a huge company
Being a world traveling celebrity

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Which were you involved with in school?
Band and Choir
A club related to a specific subject
A sport

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If someone said you were bad at something, you would _____.
Be offended
Take the criticism into consideration and move on
Laugh at how inaccurate they are
Try harder to be better at that thing

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What scares you the most?
Forgetting how to do something when I have to do it
Getting lost somewhere I've never been
Losing my most prized possession
Not being able to have a say in decision making

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Someone asks you for a pencil but you don't have one on you. What do you do?
I would offer them a pen I have instead
I would search for a pencil with them
I would go look for one and bring it back to them
I would tell them I don't have one

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What do you do if someone is talking loudly in a movie theater?
Ask them to be quieter
Let them talk, I'm talking too
Move further away from them
Deal with it even though I don't like it

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Which movie genre do you prefer?

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Choose your favorite color!

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How long would you wait in line for a hot dog?
Not long, I can find another hot dog place
I won't get a hot dog if there is a line
As long as it takes, these are the best hot dogs
A long time, I tend to let people cut in line

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How do you like to travel?
By bicycle
By foot
By plane
By car

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How many siblings do you have?
7 or more

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Are you more like your mother or father?

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What would you do if you found a wallet on the floor in a restaurant?
Bring it to the staff so they can return it
Leave it, someone will come back for it
Look inside to see who it belongs to and return it
Go around asking people who it belongs to

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What would you do if you are stranded on an island?
Go explore
Begin preparing to live there for a while
Brainstorm ways to get off the island
Take care of the rest of the people I was stranded with

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What is the most important quality to have in your family?

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What would you do with a million dollars?
Start my own business
Start a movement
Donate it all
Travel to places I've never been

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What is your favorite time of year?
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This is a personality quiz that will match you to a movie! You will answer questions about what you like, what you don't like, how you think, and how you act. We will be able to tell you what movie matches your personality!