Quiz: Even St. Patrick Himself Couldn't Pass This Irish Test. Can You?

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Good luck trying to pass this quiz!

Challenge yourself by taking this difficult quiz all about Ireland and see how much you know about Irish history and culture!

 Mar 16, 2018

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What famine did the Irish people suffer from?
The Potato Famine
The Lamb Famine
The Rice Famine

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What is Ireland known as?
The Golden Nation
The Crystal City
The Emerald Isle

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Who is the patron Saint of Ireland?
St. Patrick
St. Peter
St. Francis of Assisi

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Which one of these was built in Ireland?
The Titanic
The Statue of Liberty
The Eiffel Tower

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What percent of the Irish population is under 25 years old?

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Legend says that St. Patrick _____.
Cured people of diseases
Brought good luck to the entire country
Rid Ireland of snakes

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What three colors are on the Irish flag?
Red, White, Green
Green, White, Orange
Blue, White, Yellow

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What do the Irish call circular dwellings in the ground?
Fairy homes
Fairy forts
Fairy tree houses

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What is Ireland's national symbol?
A harp
A bucket of gold
The Celtic Cross

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The Irish are the _____ largest population of alcohol drinkers in the world.

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What is the longest name of a place in Ireland?
Wickandosilio City
Cardolawi Island

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What color was originally associated with St. Patrick?

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What percent of the population has natural red hair?

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The legend of Abhartach is believed to be an alternative origin of which creature?
The Loch Nes Monster
Big Foot

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Which holiday did the Irish create?
Valentine's Day

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An Irishman designed which famous building?
The Sydney Opera House
The Taj Mahal
The White House

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St. Patrick is actually not Irish but Italian.

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What is traditional to do when celebrating an Irish birthday?
Dropping the birthday child into a pile of clovers
Searching for four leaf clovers to give as a gift to the birthday child
Gently bumping the birthday child's head on something

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Legend says that an Irish man is responsible for creating the word _____.

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Ireland is one of the original _____.
Celtic Nations
Free Nations
UK Countries

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What is a Pet Day in Ireland?
A celebration where people dress up like animals
A day where you appreciate your pets as members of your family
A day of good weather in a long stretch of bad weather

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What does the Irish word "keening" mean?
Searching for a job unsuccessfully
Crying loudly at funerals and wakes
Talking to someone you find attractive
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