Quiz: Could You Be A NYC Tour Guide?

NYC never sleeps, so you shouldn't either until you've tried this quiz!

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 Apr 17, 2018
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Question: 1/18Pick the correct answer!

Where are you at if you can see the Statue of Liberty?
Central Park
The Battery
The Met

Question: 2/18Pick the correct answer!

Central Park divides what?
Uptown and Downtown
Brooklyn and Staten Island
The Upper East Side and the Upper West Side

Question: 3/18Pick your answer!

What is one of New York City's nicknames?
Sin City
New York's Gem
The Big Apple

Question: 4/18Pick your answer!

What is the tallest building in NYC?
One World Trade Center
Rockefeller Plaza
Empire State Building

Question: 5/18Pick your answer!

How many boroughs are in NYC?

Question: 6/18Pick your answer!

Which is an island in NYC?
Staten Island
Queens Island
Bronx Island

Question: 7/18Pick your answer!

NYC was the first _____ of the United States.
established town
rebel city

Question: 8/18Pick your answer!

What is Ground Zero?
A secret military base
The location where the Twin Towers fell
The landing spot for immigrants

Question: 9/18Pick your answer!

How did the United States get the Statue of Liberty?
It mysteriously appeared
The U.S. confiscated it from another country
France gifted it to the U.S.

Question: 10/18Pick your answer!

What does SoHo mean?
South of Houston Street
South of the Houdini Museum
So many Houses

Question: 11/18Pick your answer!

Where is some of the best street art found?
The subway
East Village

Question: 12/18Pick your answer!

Who was the Hudson River named after?
Henry Hudson
Rock Hudson
Jennifer Hudson

Question: 13/18Pick your answer!

Where were immigrants first taken when they arrived in America?
Ellis Island
Staten Island
Long Island

Question: 14/18Pick your answer!

What happened to the World Trade Center in 1993?
It disappeared
It was bombed
It was built

Question: 15/18Pick your answer!

What does TriBeCa mean?
Triangle Below Canal Street
Try Being Careful
Three Best Cafes

Question: 16/18Pick your answer!

Which President was born in New York City?
George W. Bush
Donald Trump
Barack Obama

Question: 17/18Pick your answer!

New York City's taxis were originally _____.
Blue and Yellow
Red and Green

Question: 18/18Pick your answer!

The price of a _____ and a _____ are almost always the same.
vendor hot dog, plane ticket
magazine, shoe shine
slice of pizza, subway ride
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This quiz will test your knowledge about New York City! You will be asked to answer questions that any true New Yorker would be able to answer. We will tell you if you could be a tour guide there or not once you're done.