Quiz: Are You Arkie Enough To Ace This 16 Question Arkansas Challenge?

cheer, drill team

Float your way through this quiz!

This quiz tests your knowledge on everything about Arkansas and determines if you truly belong in this beautiful state.

 Jan 22, 2018

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What is "floating" in Arkansas?
Swimming with a life-jacket on
Sitting in a flotation device and sailing down a river
Going swimming

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Which one of these is not a name for people living in Arkansas?

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What is Arkansas nickname?
The Natural State
The Garden State
The Second Kansas

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What is one unusual thing that people from Arkansas race?
Lawn Mowers
Rotary Tillers

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_____ is said to stalk the town of Fouke, Arkansas.
The Arkansas Stalker
The Fouke Monster

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Which president was born in Arkansas?
George W. Bush
Bill Clinton
Barack Obama

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What is the top selling product to come from Arkansas?
Aircraft parts

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Arkansas is the home to the only working _____ mine in the United States.

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What are the Dover Lights?
Unexplained lights seen at night near Dover, Arkansas
Festivals showcasing Christmas displays
Colored light bulbs in houses in Dover, Arkansas

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Little Rock hosts an annual _____.
Ostrich Roast
National Pig Sizing Competition
World Cheese Dip Championship

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What famous store was founded in Arkansas?

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What famous festival is celebrated annually in Emerson, Arkansas?
The Emerson City Festival
The Orange County Fall Festival
The PurpleHull Pea Festival

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What was the Dogpatch USA?
An unsuccessful theme park
A large dog park
An abandoned town

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The Rush Ghost Town used to thrive because of _____.
coal mining
diamond mining
zinc mining

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"Our milk carton with arms" describes what monument in Arkansas?
Christ of the Ozarks
McGee Monument
Popeye's Town

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What is the most important crop in Arkansas?
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