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 Mar 25, 2018

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The longest wall in the world is _____.
The Great Wall of China
The Walls of Ston
The Western Wall

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Which one of these is NOT a continent?

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Which country has Kangaroos?

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Besides English, what is an official language of Canada?

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What is the largest religion in the World?

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What is the largest country in the World?
The United States of America

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Who was the first woman to fly solo across the Atlantic ocean?
Amelia Earhart
Marilyn Monroe
Harriet Tubman

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What is Area 51?
United States Air Force facility
An extraterrestrial museum
The 51st state in the United States of America

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What ship liner sank after hitting an iceberg?
The U.S.S. Arizona
The Titanic
The Mayflower

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What is the largest library in the World?
The Library of Congress
The Library of Parliament
The Vatican Library

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Which country has the smallest population?
The Cayman Islands
Vatican City

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What is the very center of the Earth called?

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Thailand is known as _____.
The Country Down Under
The Holy Land
The Land of Smiles

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Which one of these rivers is the longest?
The Congo River
The Yellow River
The Amazon River

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To get to the highest point on Earth, you have to go to _____.
The top floor of The Shard
The top of Mount Everest
The town of La Rinconada

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Eskimos are _____.
Animals that live under the ice
Small cakes used for celebrating birthdays
Indigenous people who inhabit colder regions

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Which one of these countries does NOT have a monarchy?
The United States of America

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What are the two primary religions of Japan?
Shinto and Christianity
Christianity and Buddhism
Buddhism and Shinto
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