Nursing Slang - It's A Thing. How Many Words Do You Actually Know?


If you can pass this, then you can pass the Lantern Test!

Challenge yourself by taking this difficult quiz about what slang words nurses use and see how many you know.

 Mar 07, 2018

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What do you call the top layer of the skin?

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What is the most accurate way to measure core temperature?

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A patient who develops hives after receving an antibiotic is exhibiting drug:

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What is swimmer's ear?
An infection
A hearing type
A heart worm

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What does vertigo cause?
A rash

6 of 18Pick one!

Do you burn calories while sleeping?
It depends on your weight

7 of 18Pick Your Answer!

Who are Young Invincibles?
People who think they are superheroes
Young adults who believe they will live forever
Uninsured young adults

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Why would someone be called a Professional Patient?
They are doctors who get sick
They visit the hospital in a business suit
They fake their illnesses

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What are Fits?
Temper tantrums
Sudden attacks of seizures
Many nurses fussing over one patient

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When someone is Fighting Darwin, they are _____.
refusing essential treatment
arguing with the doctors about everything

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What is a Band-Aid Hospital?
A hospital that offers minimal care
A hospital that has a policy to apply a band-aid to every injury
A hospital that fixes everything right away

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A Noctor is _____.
a nurse who is in training to become a doctor
a nurse who acts like a doctor
a doctor who wants to be a nurse

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What does NPS stand for?
New Parent Syndrome
Not Paying Squat
New Patient Sadness

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A Frequent Flyer is _____.
a patient who visits hospitals for every little health problem
a nurse who works long hours every day of the week
a nurse who takes a lot of vacations

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Why would someone be called a High Risk Patient?
They get in fights with nurses
They are known for running away from the hospital staff
They have HIV or hepatitis

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What is a nurse's way to say someone is constipated?
They are having troubles in the bathroom
They are unable to go
They are a Chocolate Hostage

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Who is called a Slasher or Cutter?
A patient
An NICU Nurse

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What is a Snorkel?
A device used to breath underwater
A tank that is used by excessive smokers
Endotracheal Breathing Tube
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