Quiz: How Well Do You Remember the Romances of Grey's?


Seattle Grace is full of love triangles, do you really remember them all?

Grey's Anatomy is full of love triangles, can you name all the couple to walk the halls of Grey/Sloan: Mark and Lexie, MerDer and more?

 Feb 17, 2017

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Alex has had a lot of love interests. Who was NOT one of them?

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Who did Meredith date before settling down with Derek?
Mark Sloan
Finn the vet
Alex Karev

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Who was Cristina is a serious relationship with?
Both, duh!
Preston Burke
Owen Hunt

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After much persuasion, who did Bailey marry?
Nurse Eli
Ben Warren
Thatcher Grey

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Which couple eloped in Vegas?
Meredith and Derek
Izzie and Alex
Callie and George

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Which doctor left her fiance at the alter?
April Kepner
Izzie Stevens
Cristina Yang

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Who cut her fiance's LVAD wire?
Meredith Grey
April Kepner
Izzie Stevens

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Which of these ladies did Mark NOT sleep with?
Arizona Robbins
Addison Montgomery
Callie Torres

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Which doctor was Teddy in love with?
Owen Hunt
Derek Shepherd
Mark Sloan

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Who is NOT one of Webber's loves?
Katherine Avery
Miranda Bailey
Ellis Grey
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