Quiz: How Well Do You Really Remember Teddy?

Teddy Altman came to Seattle Grace to help an old friend out, and became a major role in Grey's. We love her!

 Sep 24, 2017
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Question: 1/10Pick the correct answer!

Which doctor brought Teddy to SGMW?
Dr. Hunt
Dr. Bailey
Dr. Webber

Question: 2/10Pick the correct answer!

Why did Teddy come to SGMW?
to be Cheif Resident
to mentor Cristina
to be a pedes attending

Question: 3/10Pick the correct answer!

What did Cristina do to plead Teddy to stay at SGMW?
Cristina offered to break up with Owen
Cristina said she'll do anything for Teddy if she'd stay
Cristina offered to do Teddy's labs for a month

Question: 4/10Pick the correct answer!

Who did Teddy have a brief relationship with?
Mark Sloan
Alex Karev
Derek Shepherd

Question: 5/10Pick the correct answer!

Why did Teddy receive a full-time position at the hospital?
Derek thought she's perfect for the job
Another candidate refused the job
Owen put in a good word for her

Question: 6/10Pick the correct answer!

Why did Teddy marry her patient?
He didn't have health insurance
They were old friends and they rekindled their relationship
He proposed to her

Question: 7/10Pick the correct answer!

What happened to Teddy and her husband, Henry?
They fell in love, but Henry died
They fell in love and lived happily ever after
They got divorced; their deal was strictly for the insurance money

Question: 8/10Pick the correct answer!

Why did Teddy hate Owen?
Owen operated on Henry
Owen didn't tell Teddy that Henry died while she was operating
Owen told Teddy he didn't love her

Question: 9/10Pick the correct answer!

Why did Teddy not take the job with the U.S. Army Medical Command?
She loved her coworkers
She wanted to work with Cristina
She didn't want to leave Owen

Question: 10/10Pick the correct answer!

Why did Teddy ultimately leave SGMW?
Owen fired her
She resigned because she knew it was for the best
She wanted new co-workers
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