Quiz: Do You Remember These Grey’s Anatomy Season 2 Tragedies?


Go back and watch Season 2. You'll cry the whole time.

Season Two left us all in tears week after week. There were just so. many. tragedies. Can you remember them all?

 Feb 19, 2018
1 of 12Pick the correct answer!
Which doctor loses her baby in Season Two?
Meredith Grey
Izzie Stevens
Cristina Yang
2 of 12Pick the correct answer!
Which doctor operated on a patient in critical condition in an elevator?
Preston Burke
Alex Karev
George O'Malley
3 of 12Pick the correct answer!
How many patients were impaled on a pole in a train crash?
4 of 12Pick the correct answer!
Which doctor put her hand on a bomb inside of a man's body?
Izzie Stevens
Meredith Grey
Cristina Yang
5 of 12Pick the correct answer!
Who died from the bomb that was inside of thatman?
Nurse Rose
A member of the bomb squad
George O'Malley
6 of 12Pick the correct answer!
After a car accident, who delivered a baby from its dying mother?
Alex Karev
Richard Webber
7 of 12Pick the correct answer!
Whose fiance died during this season?
8 of 12Pick the correct answer!
Which doctor got shot during this season?
Richard Webber
Miranda Bailey
Preston Burke
9 of 12Pick the correct answer!
Who cut an LVAD wire to try to get a patient a life-saving heart?
Izzie Stevens
Meredith Grey
George O'Malley
10 of 12Pick the correct answer!
Whose dog was put to sleep?
Meredith and Derek's
Cristina and Preston's
Callie and George's
11 of 12Pick your answer!
What happens to Cristina and Burke's relationship?
They elope
They get engaged
Burke ends things
12 of 12Pick your answer!
Why is Joe in the hospital?
He was shot
He was in a car accident
He collapsed
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