8 Thoughts We All Had While Watching Grey's Tonight


Alex? Is that you?

He's baaaaaaack!


At the very least we can officially say this week's episode was better than last week's.

Alex. is. back! Thank the Lord!

But in classic Shonda fashion, she had to give us some bad with the good.

1. This car accident is too much even for you Shonda.


Are you freaking kidding me? Of course the PREGNANT lady gets in a car accident on her way to the hospital. And OF COURSE her husband is the one who hits her. Ugh.

2. Minnick You. Are. Not. The. Best. At. Anything.


What is up with Dr. Minnick's attitude? Like seriously?! Who died and left her in charge? Go home. Also #webbersarmy forever <3

3. Yasssss Jackson!


SLAY. "His face. His future. His entrance into the room. Saving the thing his mother loves most." ALL OF THE CLAPS FOR JACKSON. BYE MINNICK.

4. Amelia.... whathcu doin' girl?


Owen has been through soooo much all he wants is a kid. A KID. It's not like he's asking for your liver or something, that has to at least be worth a discussion! The least you could do is fill him in on WHERE YOU ARE. And that you're sober!

5. Arizona, you go girl!

Grey's Anatomy via Disney-ABC Domestic Television

You saved that baby and told Minnick to buzz off. Get it girl.

6. Jo... Jo... Jo... You are NOT fine.


Girl. You are not fine. Alex is in jail because of you. Get some help, talk to someone, do SOMETHING. Also me thinks you may be preggers... I'm just saying....

7. Arizona, we couldn’t have said it better!!


Same, girl, same.



On the one hand: ALEX ALEX ALEX! Thank you Lord, thank you Shonda!! Even though he scared the crap out of us, at least he's back!

On the other hand: the least climactic way for Alex to be brought back into our lives.

Also, we still have A LOT of questions. Is Alex back for now or for good?

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