10 Thoughts We All Had During Tonight's Episode Of Grey's Anatomy


Maggie returns to work! Let's see how it goes!

Tonight's episode left us feelin' all the feels for Maggie.


Maggie returned to work for the first time after her mom passed away, and it sure had emotions roaring.

1. Riggs & Arizona's new friendship... I like it!


I think they would be great friends... I'm excited to see where this friendship goes!

2. The feud between Bailey & Webber.... Hilarious!


"I was not wrong, you were!" We can't help but to laugh when Bailey and Webber bicker, they're just so funny!

3. That might be the most people in the observation room we've ever seen!


Everyone is so supportive, checking on Maggie. So thoughtful!

4. Maggie in the OR. All the feels!


"Her heart just needs to learn how to beat without the extra load." brb, crying

5. Meredith & Riggs plan a non-date date?! Yass!


This has been a long time coming! Finally!

6. Maggie & Jackson's convo... that was sad.


"I'm not doing well, I'm doing my job." Aww Maggie!

7. UGH I miss Derek!


When Arizona was talking about how great Derek and Meredith were together.... they were just the best!

8. Poor Maggie!


She finally broke down. She misses her mom. Heck, so do we!

9. Dancing it out is the best!


Girl! Kick off those heels, and dance it out! That was great! Still sad Meredith and Riggs didn't get to go out. "I have people to take care of, and you aren't one of them." Ouch, that was harsh.

10. Jackson is the best!


"You and I are kinda' like family." Jackson is so sweet! Those pictures he brought Maggie are amazing!

Tonight's episode was nothing short of awesome, as usual. It'll take time for it to get better for Maggie, but she has a great support system. She'll be okay! And maybe one day Riggs and Meredith will finally go out, Shonda always has to keep us waiting!

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