10 Reactions Every True Grey's Fan Had To Tonight's Episode


Shonda never disappoints, does she?

Romance, Hearbreak, and Illness, oh my!

Amelia and Owen are still struggling, Maggie finds out her mom is really sick, we meet an adorable couple, and Meredith agrees to go out with Riggs. Wow, a lot happened in tonight's episode!

1) "You're Hot."

Woah Alex! What do we have going on here?? ;)

2) Another episode, another sad scene between Owen and Amelia.

"We took vows... for better or for worse." How much longer is this going to go on? It's so heartbreaking.

3) Nice one, Bailey!

"You put your mouth on the one that took it." That was a good one. Look at Bailey being all funny!

4) That's pretty funny right there!

"And everybody that I know, that knows you, they don't like you." I don't know whether to laugh or cry at that.

5) Thank goodness Maggie knows!

We're happy because Maggie knows about her mom, but still sad because her mom has cancer.

6) Seriously, Dr. Clatch and Dr. Clatch are relationship goals.

Can I please be their friends? "I would never have had the life I did without her." Ugh SO SWEET! They've got everyone in the lovey-dovey mood!

7) Amelia just took this to the next level.

Amelia brought up Cristina. She went there. They're both in so much pain, so sad.

8) 16:22.

Brb, crying! Why did she have to die?

9) Riggs and Meredith yasss!

"Okay, so you should ask me out to dinner then." I like them two together!

10) Why, Shonda, why?!

Maggie's mom is sick, like really sick. No no no :(

Tonight's episode gave us a lot! But I can't wait to see where this thing between Meredith and Riggs goes, how Owen and Amelia work on their relationship, and of course, if Maggie's mom gets better. Bring on the next episode, Shonda. We're ready!