10 Feels We All Had While Watching Grey's Last Night.


Drama, drama, and more drama. We wouldn't expect anything less though would we?

Shonda, THANK YOU!

This episode gave us so much! So much drama. So much gossip. So much... EVERYTHING! Seriously, all the feels!

1) Andrew DeLuca! You are my new favorite person!


Well, I sure didn't see that one coming. THANK YOU THANK YOU DeLuca!

2) Bailey, ya need to SIMMER DOWN.


Seriously, Bailey is on my LAST NERVE. What is her problem? I think SHE'S the one who needs to GO HOME! #buhbye

3) Is there anything Owen won't do?!


Owen!! You never cease to amaze me! You will do anything for your patients. 2 snaps for you!

4) Well, at least Bailey did ONE THING right...


Bailey brings Alex back. So much tension, so much drama.

5) Jackson is seriously the SWEETEST!


That scene between Jackson and Maggie's mom. All the feels.

6) "But I got out, I finally got out." *cue the dramatic music*


Let's take a minute to appreciate how inspring the lady in the razor wire was... wow.

7) What we have here is a FAILURE to COMMUNICATE....


That scene between Alex and Andrew. Dang. That apology, if only he had shared it a little sooner...

8) Now that was just sad...


Well, that was heartbreaking. Maggie's mom shows up unannounced. Maggie's mom has cancer. Maggie's mom leaves without telling her. -brb crying-

9) Woah woah woah, back up!


Wait! What just happened between Minnick and Arizona?! #confused

10) That last scene though... dang.


Bailey replaced Meredith with April. Amelia won't talk to Owen. Jo went to visit Alex, but then she leaves without saying a word??

So. Much. Happened. In. This. Episode. I have a feelin' the hospital is about to have a lot of changes, we gotta' buckle up for the ride.

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