10 Feels Every Dedicated Grey's Fan Had Watching Tonight's Episode


Grey's was full of lots of drama and lots of feuding. What else would we expect?

Feuding, Feuding, and more Feuding!

Webber's mad at Catherine, Catherine's mad at Jackson, Jackson's mad at April. Oh and let's not forget Alex's mad at Riggs. So much drama!

1) Thank goodness Meredith is back!

"You stole the car." Yass Meredith!

2) Ooooooh Jackson.

He's DONE with this silliness. Step aside Mama Avery, Jackson has got a plan.

3) That family feuding though.

The feud keeps going and goinnng and goiinnngggg. This is actually pretty entertaining, amirite?!

4) I LOVE Meredith.

Her sticking up for Alex = heart melted. #bestfriendgoals

5) Who else is ready for Owen and Amelia to be back together already??

That scene between Amelia and Owen in the scrub room. Ugh. Oh, plus the dental floss scene, that one got to me. They know each other SO WELL.

6) What a war!

This war between Riggs and Karev is actually pretty comical. But leave it to Shonda to throw some truth in there, "The only fight here is to keep this child alive."

7) Jackson and Catherine... they don't get along that well do they?

"You and I are very different people." "Yeah, no kidding." Good one, Jackson.

8) Riggs may be a jerk, but at least he's a sweet jerk.

"I'll tell you what I think. I think about you. A lot." Ugh Riggs, so sweet.

9) Poor Richard.

I feel so bad for Webber. Why is almost everyone against him?

10) This feud between Jackson and April makes me sad.

"It's not your business. Goodnight." -Jackson Why can no one get along these days??

Well, tonight was full of lots of drama, but would we really expect anything less? Who else is wondering if all the doctors will ever get along? Maybe next week it'll be better- only in our dreams right?