Quiz: You'll Only Pass This Street Smarts Test If You're From Charlotte


Are you a Southern Belle?

A quiz about some of the popular aspects and places in Charlotte, North Carolina including food and places to visit!

 Jul 24, 2017
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What's Charlotte's nickname?
Bees B
Queen B
The Queen City
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Where is a fun place for dining, nightlife, and shopping in Charlotte?
Fun Town
Skate center
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In Charlotte, someone who originally hails from another city or state altogether is called what?
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Does Charlotte have a zoo?
Nope, sadly no elephants for us!
Yes, the Befaust Zoo and Aquarium
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Which of the following is the main form of transportation in Charlotte?
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In Charlotte, what is a "Youngin'"?
Anyone under 21
Babies and Toddlers
Anyone under 18
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There are no _________ in Charlotte.
Rivers or lakes
Trucks and cars
Apples and bananas
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Which of the following is the oldest suburb in Charlotte?
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Which of the following is Charlotte's historic arts and entertainment district?
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Charlotte is known for which of the following?
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When someone calls something blue, what is the first thought?
Nothing, blue is just another color
Carolina blue or Duke blue?
Pretty, like the sky
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Which "watering hole" is actually in Charlotte?
Tommy's Pub
Chumleys Bar
Skylight Diner
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Many baseball teams have been rebranding their teams for a day around food items. What food item did the Charlotte team pick?
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Which Brewery recently became a leader in Charlotte Beer?
Central Avenue Brewery
7th Sons Brewing
Heist Brewery
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Charlotte gives out awards for companies that are the BEST OF THE BEST. These awards also go by what name?
Charlotte Awards
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