Quiz: Only A New Orleans Local Can Name These Neighborhoods By One Clue

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Are you a NOLA local?

A quiz about some of the neighborhoods in New Orleans that locals would easily recognize with just one clue.

 Jul 09, 2017
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This is the oldest neighborhood in New Orleans.
The Great Neighborhood
The Hot Spot
The French Quarter
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Louis Armstrong Park is in this neighborhood.
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You can take the Canal Street Ferry to this neighborhood.
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This neighborhood is known for its architecture as well as its natural scenery.
Garden District
District 9
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This neighborhood is known for its music scene, especially on Frenchmen Street.
Gert Town
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Rapper Lil Wayne grew up in this neighborhood.
West Side
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Plessy v. Ferguson happened because of an incident in this neighborhood.
St. Claude
City Park
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Considered the heart of downtown New Orleans, it's also called the Art District.
The Garden District
The Holy District
The Warehouse District
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This neighborhood often holds parties and parades for St. Patrick's Day.
Venetian Isles
Irish Channel
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This neighborhood is home to the landmark diner, Camellia Grill.
The French Quarter
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This neighborhood is named after a beautiful public park.
Central Perk
City Park
Hidden Woods Park
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This neighborhood has an annual "Boogaloo" or music festival.
Bayou St. John
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This quirky neighborhood has many vibrant artists and art galleries.
English Turn
St. Claude
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This neighborhood can also be called "The American Sector".
Rouge District
Central Business District
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This neighborhood has its own Mardi Gras krewe.
East Shore
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