Quiz: Only A Master Chef Will Be Able To Answer These 16 Questions

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Are you a master chef?

Test your knowledge of the basic aspects of cooking and culinary lingo that only a master chef would know!

 Sep 03, 2017

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What ingredient makes dough rise?

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What is the difference between jelly and jam?
Jelly has added sweeteners, jam does not
Jam has more calories than jelly
Jelly is made from fruit juice, jam is made from crushed fruit

3 of 16True or False?

A tomato is a vegetable.

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Which of the following methods makes boiled eggs easier to peel?
Putting them in cold water after boiled
Putting them in the freezer
Rolling them in flour

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What is the term for cutting something into small pieces?

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What does adding salt to boiling water do?
Stops water from boiling
Makes water boil faster
Makes the water boil at a higher temperature

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Which of the following is an alternative to butter?
Coconut oil

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What does braise mean?
To cook something rapidly in an uncovered pan
To cook something slowly in a covered container
To cook something in the microwave

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What can you do to make a dish less sweet?
Add salt
Add baking soda
Add flour

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How many teaspoons are in a tablespoon?

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Which of the following is a cooking herb?

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Which of the following is a cooking spice?
Cayenne Pepper
Coconut oil
Raspberry paste

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Describe the process of sautéing something?
Boiling in water on the stove
Frying quickly in a pan with a small amount of fat
Keeping something in a crockpot for the entire day

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Which cooking method is used to cook meat over an open fire?

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What is the texture of pasta that is cooked al dente?
Hard and crunchy
Soft and mushy
Tender, yet slightly firm to bite

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After you puree something, what consistency should it be?
Hard and brittle
Chunky and tough
Smooth and thick
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