Quiz: Only A True Ohio Local Could Score 100% On This Test! Can You?

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Are you really from Ohio? Let's find out!

A quiz about some of the most popular aspects of the State of Ohio that any native to the state could recognize.

 Jul 13, 2018
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Which of the following is Ohio's nickname?
The Buckeye State
The Penn State
The Pine State
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Cincinnati Bengals and the Cleveland Browns are Ohio's football teams. True or false?
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What's Buffalo Wild Wings called in Ohio?
4 of 18Pick your answer!
What is Cedar Point?
A movie theater
An amusement park
A shopping mall
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What is Cedar Point nicknamed?
"Roller Coaster Capital of the World"
"Amusement World"
"Death Valley"
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In 1970, 4 students were shot at Kent State. What had they been protesting?
For Civil Rights
The Vietnam War
For gay rights
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People from Ohio love the state of Michigan. True or false?
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People from Ohio call carbonated beverages...
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How would you describe an Ohio summer?
Always pleasant
Cool and breezy
Humid and sticky
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Which popular restaurant chain stated in Ohio?
Burger King
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What is the name of the Ohio NBA team?
Cleveland Cavaliers
Ohio Buckeyes
Ohio Lakers
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Which sport has the newest professional team in Ohio?
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Which ingredient is not included in the Buckeye?
Peanut butter
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Steubenville-style pizza is unique in that it has the cheese put on the pizza _______.
while its in the oven
before it goes into the oven
after it comes out of the oven
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What is the capital of Ohio?
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Which body of water runs through Cleveland?
Lake Ontario
Lake Erie
Lake Huron
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Miami University is located in Ohio. True or false?
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What is the Ohio State University football stadium called?
The Boot
The Shoe
The Belt
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