Quiz: Get 10/15 On This Quiz To Prove You’re A Sacramento Local

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Are you really from Sacramento? Let's find out!

A quiz about some of the most popular things and places in Sacramento that only natives or locals would know.

 Jun 24, 2017
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Sacramento is the capital of which state?
New York
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Sacramento was named after what?
The Sacramento Kings
The Sacramento River
The Sacramento Lady
3 of 15Pick you answer!
Sacramento is known for which famous park?
Fun Park
Big Park
McKinley Park
4 of 15Pick you answer!
Which of the following is the tallest building in Sacramento?
Big Building
Tall building
Wells Fargo Center
5 of 15Pick you answer!
What is the name of the Sacramento NBA team?
Sacramento Kings
Sacramento Guys
Sacramento Team
6 of 15Pick you answer!
Sacramento's Leland Stanford Mansion is which of the following?
A frat house
State historic park
A haunted house
7 of 15Pick you answer!
Tom Hanks once lived in Sacramento, true or false?
8 of 15Pick you answer!
Which of the following is a famous bridge in Sacramento?
The Fun Bridge
The Big Bridge
The Tower Bridge
9 of 15Pick you answer!
What is Sacramento's nickname?
City of Trees
City of Sin
City of Food
10 of 15Pick you answer!
If you are from Sacramento, you might call it ___.
Best Town
Sac Town
Fun Town
11 of 15Pick you answer!
Which of the following is a famous Sacramento restaurant?
The Firehouse Restaurant
McDonald's Spot
The Great Restaurant
12 of 15Pick you answer!
The Sacramento Kings are the oldest NBA franchise in the U.S. True or false?
13 of 15Pick your answer!
The Sacramento Kings have a live ___ as the mascot at their games.
Giant Squid
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Which of the following is a famous church in Sacramento?
The Church
The Great Church
Cathedral is the Blessed Sacrament
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The California state library is known to be ___.
Very cold
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