New England Lingo - It's A Thing. How Many Words Do YOU Actually Know?

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Think you know New England slang words? Let's find out!

A quiz about slang words and phrases that are native to the New England region and people who live there.

 Jul 07, 2018
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When a New Englander says "ayuh" what do they mean?
2 of 18Pick your answer!
If someone's swinging by the packie, what are they picking up?
3 of 18Pick your answer!
What is a Hoodsie Cup filled with?
Ice cream
4 of 18Pick your answer!
If someone's banging a uey, what are they doing?
Stealing a car
Hitting their head
Making a U-turn
5 of 18Pick your answer!
What's another word for tourists?
Tree creepers
Peeping toms
Leaf peepers
6 of 18Pick your answer!
What's another name for a water fountain?
A bubbla
A spring
7 of 18Pick your answer!
If someone's very daring, they've got a lot of ______.
8 of 18Pick your answer!
If you're stuck behind a reckless driver, you might shout:
9 of 18Pick your answer!
To you, sipping on a "frappe" is the same as sipping on a _______.
10 of 18Pick your answer!
What does "carriage” refer to?
A baby car seat
A shopping cart
A basket
11 of 18Pick your answer!
What is candlepin bowling?
Bowling with small pins and a small ball
Outdoor bowling
12 of 18Pick your answer!
What is a fluffernutter?
A derogatory term for a person
A type of bird
A sandwich made with peanut butter and marshmallow fluff
13 of 18Pick your answer!
Which state is in New England?
New Jersey
14 of 18Pick your answer!
What do New Englanders call the colorful round toppings put on desserts?
15 of 18Pick your answer!
Which coffee shop is most popular in New England?
Dunkin' Donuts
Caribou Coffee
16 of 18Pick your answer!
What professional baseball team is popular in New England?
The Bears
The Boston Red Sox
The White Sox
17 of 18Pick your answer!
What term is used for a roundabout?
18 of 18Pick your answer!
On the weekends in New England, you might go bargain hunting at a ______.
Yard sale
Garage sale
Tag sale
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