What Does It Mean If Your Boyfriend Never Post About You On Social Media?

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If your boyfriend never posts about you on social media, then it could mean several things. Read this article to find out!

Any type of relationship can be hard but it's all worth in the end if you love that person. Love is ambiguous but we do it because it makes us happy. Since we do live in a generation where technology is part of us then we tend to mix it with our love lives. This isn't always a good thing and can cause a lot of problems or turmoil in our relationships. We tend to base our love for someone off of whether they've put us as their "man crush Monday" or "woman crush Wednesday" and that's not really good. If you love a person you should know them and understand their reasoning behind things. If your boyfriend doesn't post about you on social media, it doesn't always have to be about him cheating or being embarrassed it could be other things.

Option 1 and 2.

First off, he could simply just not get on social media that much and doesn't really update people in his life like that. Some people are extremely private and don't want their extended family or friends they never talk to anymore to know that they're dating someone and it may be getting serious. It's okay to be private like that especially when you truly are a reserved person. There are people like that in the world and with technology being invasive they may not want to show everyone their lives all the time. Secondly, he may not feel comfortable talking about you like that yet. If you guys have been dating for a short amount of time and you are expecting him to talk about you like you guys are married isn't likely. Guys don't really pick up on cues like that and honestly it's a bit far stretched if you want him to post about you and y'all have been dating for 2 weeks. If you guys have been dating for a while and he still hasn't then just ask him. If he cares about you and wants you understand he will tell you the truth.

Option 3 and 4.

The third option could be that he may or may not be ashamed of you. This option was left as one of the last parts because you don't want to go accusing him of being ashamed. That could really start an unwanted argument and make things worse in your relationship. Nobody really wants that and it's better just to think about different reasons as to why he may not be posting about you. He could however not be ready to post about you yet due to multiple reasons like may be being ashamed at first. This is not a super likely option but truly you never know until you ask. The last and most harsh option could be that he is cheating on you or has someone on the side that he doesn't want seeing you. If he shows sign of cheating then you really want to ask and confront him. When I say confronting I don't mean yelling and throwing things but to calmly sit him down and talk to him. He may be more likely to tell the truth if you are calm and curious. It's hard to tell if someone is lying but if you really want to be with him and feel that you not trusting him could push him away then you've got to let it be. I definitely know from personal experience that it is easier said than done but being jealous and controlling doesn't get anyone very far. It actually makes people want to drift further away and not talk to you as much. Just make sure that you're explaining your side of the story and your justifications as to why you feel this way and truly find a middle ground between the two of you.

You never know until you ask!

Asking questions and having a general curiosity as to why he never posts about you is okay. If it bothers you and makes you feel that he is ashamed of you then you really should ask. If you have been dating him for a bit and know when he is lying then you can call him out on it. Social media isn't reality but it is a huge staple in our society nowadays so if you feel that he should be posting about you, then sit him down and talk to him about it. Communication and trust can be the glue that holds your relationship together so remember that it may not be what you think it is. Everyone has a backstory and he may have had a bad experience with posting about his past partners so ask before assuming.

Trust is what helps keep people together. If your boyfriend has never given you a reason to not trust him then it may be best to give him the benefit of the doubt and let him say his piece. It may be hard because you could've been hurt before but it could be worth it to you to hear him out. No one wants to give up on a relationship that they're worked so hard for, so hear him out and make him understand that it bothers you. If he is just being rude after you've attempted to talk to him about it then it may not be worth it to stay with him because, he won't communicate with you properly.

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