What Does It Mean If Your Boyfriend Follows Models On Instagram?

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Trusting someone is truly a key component in any relationship. If you can't trust that person to believe that they won't go behind your back then this can make it rocky for you both. So, if you are concerned that another person or several other people are getting more attention than you then you must talk to your partner. Talk to them about your concerns and problems with what they're doing so make sure you let them know.

It could simply be nothing.

Since each person is different, it's really difficult to tell if there is something else going on when he follows different Instagram models. If your boyfriend does this then it may mean that he wants to look at different women but would never attempt to pursue them. It's healthy to look at other people and find them attractive but if there is no universal agreement that you guys can talk to other people, then it's not right. Communication is key in a relationship and if he is following a bunch of Instagram models which makes you uncomfortable then you need to tell him. He may have his own reasoning for it and you never know until you ask. Simply looking at another woman on a screen truly won't hurt unless he is doing it behind your back when you asked him not to. You need to either establish a rule between you guys and make sure it's known that you don't like it or appreciate it. If he cares about you and wants respect your wishes, then he will stop or reduce the amount of times he looks at these various models.

A universal rule for relationships.

There is a universal rule in relationships and it's 'You can look but you can't touch". This means that you guys can look at other people and find them attractive but never go after them. It's sort of wrong to expect your significant other not to look at other women because then it comes off as you being too controlling. You don't want to come off too strong in the jealousy department because that can just push your boyfriend away. It can be terrifying to fully trust a person especially if they've never really given you a reason to but, it's worth it if you really want to keep that person in your life and in the end will make for a stronger relationship. Understandably there is a fine line between looking and talking but if something was never agreed or established then you need to talk to your boyfriend.

If your partner or boyfriend is following Instagram models then it doesn't really have to mean anything. He could simply just be looking because he is intrigued or he just wants to. As stated above, you never know until you ask. Make sure to set down ground rules if you don't like it but try not to come off too controlling. There is a fine line between the two but trusting him and believing that he won't do anything behind your back is the most important. Communication skills and trusting a person are super important if you want to make the relationship work out for a long time. It can be difficult if that person doesn't want to work with you on these issues but, if they are not willing to cooperate or meet in the middle, then it may be best if you continue to talk or rethink your relationship a bit.

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