The Best Natural Self Tanners

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Looking at these natural self tanners can help you save money, save your skin from hurting, and won't give you the orange look that everyone avoids!

Self tanners are cheaper and better for your pocket because you are able to give yourself the look that you truly desire. It's even more important if the self tanner contains natural products like fruits, vegetables, and other chemical free materials. If you are normally allergic to spray tans then this could be a way better option for you. So, take a look at these products and see which one would work best!

1. True Natural Organic Self Tanner

True Natural's Organic Self Tanner is truly natural and smells like lavender. It's components contain natural sugars from certain fruits and vegetables. It is completely vegan, cruelty free, and lasts for 3 to 10 days so you don't have to keep putting it on. The self tanner also contains green tea anti-oxidants to help prevent aging. To get the tone you want, you apply every 3 to 4 hours until you achieve the look you are striving for. The directions are easy to follow which makes it less stressful if you are applying True Natural's self tanner by yourself at home.

2. Simply Radiant Organic Self Tanner

Simply Radiant's Organic Self Tanner is made with all natural ingredients like aloe, almond oil, vitamin E, shea butter and almond milk. It is a great product that doesn't contain chemicals and is a subtle change in skin tone when you put it on. The tanner is made by hand and is rated as one of the best natural self tanners there is. It is organic and has components that help your skin instead of damaging it like common self tanners.

3. Dave's Famous Tanner

Dave's Famous Tanner which is organic is made with Argan oil, jojoba oil, and other natural ingredients, is a great sunless tanner. It goes on smooth and blends well with all skin types. Dave's Famous Tanner helps all skin types including sensitive ones so you don't have to stress over it being too much for your skin. If you're worried that it will come out too orange looking, their tanner is known for making sure to perfect the golden look instead of the looking like it's all fake!

4. Skinerals Organic Self Tanner

Skinerals Organic Self Tanner is a great self tanner that even donates some of it's profit to skin cancer research. They are made with minerals, plant based oils, and fruit extract oils which is really cool because they're not using harmful chemicals on your skin. This brand makes it their priority to avoid splotchy tans after applying their self tanner, which is a big deal when you want to look your best. The self tan lasts for up to a week and actually helps make your skin softer. This makes it easier for your skin to soak up all the moisture that is in the self tanner while you use this product. This way you can replenish your skin to the touch while getting the look that you desire or want to achieve.

5. Caribbean Solutions Beach Colors Natural Self Tanner

Carribean Solution's Self Tanner uses natural DHA which is created from sugar cane and focuses on the dead skin cells to darken. The self tanner is also made from shea butter, cucumbers, and melons to make it natural and smell great. The cucumber helps to relax any irritated skin and the melons help relieve any stress that your body has. The company also focuses on the environment so they use recyclable packaging, biodegradable materials, and are cruelty free. They work with sensitive skin and make it easier for people who cannot use chemicals on their skin which will result in an allergic reaction.

These products are cheaper than going to a salon and you can get them online or in the store. It makes it easier when you're on a time crunch and need to prepare for that trip to the beach. The companies that have created these self tanners want to help people, create cheap products, and have a fun time making sure you look your best!

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