Movies And TV Shows Filmed In DTLA

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Look at these different movies and TV shows that have been filmed in Downtown Los Angeles before you take a trip to the West Coast!

If you're looking to take a trip and want to know where the most popular movies have filmed specific scenes, then you're looking in the right place! Los Angeles or California in general has been known for it's vast film scene and it's so cool to think about visiting your favorite movie's filming scene. Downtown Los Angeles is small and has plenty of historic places where the most famous movies of all time have been filmed. You could hit all the spots in one day and then your adventure would be complete! Read this list to find out what movies and TV shows have been filmed in DTLA.

1. Blade Runner

The famous Ridley Scott (1982) movie was filmed in some of the most famous DTLA areas. The main character Deckard hunts down replicants that have a limited life span. The movie is set in the year 2019 and portrays a dark apocalyptic future One specific place that is known for big movie scenes is the Bradbury Building off of South Broadway in L.A. The last big fight scene with Deckard and Batty was filmed here and is known for it's very specific elevators. Another famous location that's used in the movie is the Union Station on South Alameda Street. This place was used for the futuristic cop station that Deckard gets taken to by the chief.

2. Forrest Gump

The historically twisted 1994 movie directed by Robert Zemeckis which is about a guy from Alabama that got to live his life full of adventure, Forrest Gump had a famous scene that was filmed in downtown L.A. at Cole's Restaurant which is located at 610 South Main Street. This is where Gump runs into Lt. Dan after the war and they end up spending New Year's Eve together. It also includes them talking at the bar and has the countdown to the ball dropping.

3. Ghostbusters

Ivan Reitman's 1984 movie, Ghostbusters was a great hit that everyone loved. It is about a team of guys who caught ghosts for a living. Most of it's scenes were filmed in DTLA but one of biggest parts in the movie took place at the Millennium Biltmore Hotel. The hotel is located at 506 South Grand Avenue and has hosted plenty of other movies here as well. In the movie, the name of the hotel is different, which is the "The Sedgewick Hotel". The scene that was filmed here was when the Ghostbusters caught their first ghost and was a huge marker in the movie's plot.

4. CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

CSI, a crime solving show packed full of drama and intrigue is known for it's different shows that are located throughout the United States. One branch in particular is CSI Miami. I know you're thinking, "why is this person talking about a show that isn't based off of California?"... Well, CSI Miami is actually filmed in Los Angeles a majority of the time. The directors stated that they only ever really head towards Florida about twice in year. It's crazy to think that the show makes it look like Florida but it's actually filmed across the nation.

5. New Girl

New Girl, a show about a woman who finds out that her boyfriend cheated on her and has decided to move in with 3 men, is hilarious emotional and packed full of love. This show is filmed in Los Angeles as well and other parts of the West Coast. One specific episode is also filmed in the ballroom at the Biltmore Hotel, and is titled "The Decision". The show is still airing and is must watch from the Netflix or Hulu list!

These movies and shows are just beginning to scratch the surface when it comes to finding out what has been filmed throughout Los Angeles and it's downtown areas. On Movie Map's website, you can look at the various movies or shows that have been filmed anywhere in the United States. You can look at your own town if you want and learn what scenes took place close to you! There are hundreds of movies and TV programs that weren't included but can easily be found. If you're heading to California and want to see all of the different places, it would be fun to make a trip out of just seeing all the filmed places in the historic city. It's known for the movie, TV, and acting scenes so hitting all the spots in California would be a trip to remember!

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