Is Instagram Ruining Your Relationship?


We are a generation that uses our phones for text messages and social media on the daily. We can sometimes even use them for up to eight hours a day. With that being said, using a phone can affect our relationships in a bad way. They can get in the way of us missing the biggest memories in life. Phones can also start to mess with our relationships and cause unwanted fights if we let them. Life isn't about how many likes you get on the 'gram or if your video gets shared over 50 times. It's about the people you love and making memories with them. Make sure you read this and check if Instagram could potentially be controlling your relationship.

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Social Media Websites Are Not Reality.

If your boyfriend is on Instagram and like other people's photos, it doesn't really mean anything. Social media shouldn't be a control in your relationship because it can have really negative affects. You can become too controlling if you tell him to delete the apps and try to keep a hold on what he does. That will push him away even more and you guys may end up fighting and potentially break up. It would be different if you caught him talking to other women and he was showing signs of cheating. Using social media isn't a bad thing and if you guys use it that's okay, but if you let it get in the way then it could ruin what you have. The pictures that he likes doesn't mean that he wants to cheat on you and you should really talk to him if you're having doubts. You don't want to start a fight over something as simple as whether or not he double clicked on another woman's photo. Talking to him and trusting that he won't do anything can keep you from letting Instagram ruin your relationship. If he doesn't respect your wishes and continues to do things like focus on Instagram more than you then it could potentially ruin your relationship and cause more problems than needed.

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Some Tips To Make It Easier For You:

Communicate with your partner and make sure they know that you are uncomfortable with things. You should tell them how you feel and make sure that you're not letting something like Instagram or Facebook get in the way. A relationship is real and the internet is not and it can really wreck how you feel about that person. Trusting that a person won't hurt you is a really hard thing to do but, if you've been with that person for a while it may be time to start letting go of that fear and remembering that you love them. Trust is the second piece to not letting Instagram ruin the relationship that you've had for a long time. You must be able to trust a person and make sure that they are on the same level as you. If they've never done anything to hurt you or show you that they can't be trusted, then letting go of your trust issues can be best for you.

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Sometimes a relationship can be bumpy. If you really love that person then it's all worth it in the end. If your boyfriend is constantly on social media websites like Instagram then you should look at this article to see if he is addicted to social media. Relationships and boyfriends can be difficult but making it all work can be worth it. If your boyfriend is doing something you don't like, tell him and really make sure that you both have rules established to have compromise and understanding. Just remember that social media shouldn't run you life and sometimes you just gotta log off and unplug!

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