How To Get The New Snapchat Custom Geo Filters

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Read this article to find out how you can create your very own custom Snapchat Geo Filter!

Snapchat is a social media app that everyone uses nowadays. It lets you know what everyone is doing at the time and if posted on a story, it can only be seen for 24 hours. It is another way to contact your friends, family, and people that you may be interested in which makes it easier than having to meet them in person every time you want to have lunch. If Snapchat is your cup of tea and you love everything about then find out how to make custom geo filters and have your story be unique to others!

As simple as it is, Snapchat actually has a way you can create customized geo filters on their website. You just follow the link here and it will show you how to do it. You can use it for different events like the 4th of July, Christmas, or even a family reunion. It's amazing that you can use it for your own benefit and become different from everyone else using the app. It is probably best to do it on a computer so that you can create it faster but it is definitely easy to figure out. The website does have a couple rules when creating your own geo filter and it explicitly states that you can't put people's contact information on the filter, any URLs, or photos of people. These rules are not bad and there are only a couple which means things could potentially be unlimited for you! The website doesn't explicitly state if there is a fee or not to create a geo filter but it is best to double check before you end having to if you do not intend to.

The second link provided here shows you that you can do it for personal usage but you can also create a geo filter for your business or community. If you want to promote your business and show people that the company exists then you should create your own and make the name known! You must submit the filter to the website and company employees before your filter becomes accessible to the public due to the possibility of someone's information getting let out without their permission. Once it is submitted, the approval can take up to 48 hours but it doesn't always take that long. If you are hosting a community event and you want people to come and join you for your celebration, then a custom geofilter could be just what you needed! Everyone sees it and then it could make them curious to look up what's going on. Then your event or business place is promoted, which is always super exciting!

Using Snapchat is great because you can see what everyone is doing all while being in the comfort of your own home. It's also great if you want to show the world that your sister is getting married and you've created your own custom geo filter. Whether it's personal and you're looking to have some fun or your trying to get your business' name out there, the custom Snapchat geo filter could be the answer to all of your prayers! Since social media is booming right now, you might as well make use of it and definitely use it to your advantage.

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