How Do I Know If My Facebook Group Is Secret?

Make sure to check in these spots on Facebook to ensure that your group is secret and hidden from uninvited members or attempted searches!

Why have a 'Secret Group' on Facebook?

If you want to have a surprise birthday party for a friend or you're looking to have private conversations, then a secret group is something you may want to do. A secret group can't be seen by anyone on the website unless they're invited to it and accept to be in the group. A secret group is hidden and is used so that people can't search the name of said group and attempt to see it's members, pictures, or creator. It is beneficial for people so they don't have to explain a group to a friend or family member if you want to keep it a secret. So, if you're planning a surprise birthday party for your mom and she is on Facebook a lot, then creating a secret group would be your best bet to avoid her finding out and ruining your surprise.

Knowing the difference between 'Private' and 'Secret'.

You will know that your group is secret if someone searches for it and nothing pops up. If you search the title of your group, any of it's members, and any of it's affiliations and your group shows up, then your group is not secret. The group's privacy control settings may be set on 'Private' instead of 'Secret'. A private group is a bit different because it is hidden but someone can still search and it will pop up. Along with all of the members or photos that are associated with said group. A person isn't able to join unless they're invited to the group but it technically isn't hidden from everyone but it's members. A secret group is not seen through a search so no one can find it or look at it's content unless they are invited to the group and accept the actual invitation.

Changing an existing group's privacy settings!

Facebook has a FAQ section and one of the main questions for groups is how to change your privacy settings to ensure that your groups is being hidden. So, if the group has already been created then you click on your selected group. Once you've done that, click on the 'Edit Group Settings' tab and focus on the Privacy section. In the specific section, it should give you the option to alter your privacy settings and change it permanently. It is permanent and won't switch back unless you go back under the settings tab and change it again. Make sure to click 'Confirm' once you've selected the specific privacy control to submit your changes and have them save the correct way.

When it comes to Facebook groups, you want to make sure that you're selecting the right privacy setting. That is definitely important if you don't want certain people to know your business with others. So, following these steps and reading up on which privacy setting best suits your specific group will help ensure that you don't let thee wrong people see your business! Double checking and making sure that your settings are set correctly is a priority and then you can relax, enjoy, and have fun with on Facebook. Using social media can be fun and having it set up the way you want it to be, makes it twice as easy!

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