I Tried the Best CBD for Anxiety

Elaine - Seinfield - stressed out
Elaine - Seinfield - stressed out

I’ve struggled with general anxiety all my life, and a friend recommended that I try CBD as an alternative treatment option. So naturally, I started to research everything about CBD for anxiety to learn more about its benefits and effects, as well as which products are the best.

I quickly learned that CBD (or cannabidiol) is one of roughly 200 cannabinoids found in cannabis plants, and the compound is known for its calming effects. In my own search for a more natural calming aid, I found it extremely difficult to pinpoint what the best CBD products were, so I decided to try a ton of different things to see what worked.

What resulted is my list of all the top products below, which have been personally tried and tested, and verified by third-party lab results. In my own experience, these products are the best CBD for anxiety.

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1. FAB CBD Oil


Whether you’re just starting out with CBD or you’re a seasoned CBD advocate, you can benefit from trying FAB CBD oil for anxiety. With this brand, you have the option of 5 different flavors (vanilla, berry, mint, citrus, and natural) and 4 potency options to choose from (300 mg, 600 mg, 1200 mg, and 2400 mg). These full spectrum tinctures are some of the best CBD oils on the market since they have a great product variety, and they really work.

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2. cbdMD CBD Gummies


Sometimes you need a calming boost while on-the-go, so if that sounds like you, be sure to keep some of these CBD gummies on hand at all times. They’re made with broad spectrum CBD extract so they are completely THC-free, and they are a super tasty way to get a dose of CBD. There are options of 10mg, 25mg, or 50 mg of CBD per gummy, so you can easily get as strong or as light of a product as you need.

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3. CBDistillery Softgels


These no-frills capsules are available in full-spectrum CBD and CBD isolate formulas, so you can opt for a THC free option if that’s more your vibe. Both softgel formulas use CBD that’s derived from domestically-grown hemp using a CO2 extraction method. Each capsule contains 30 mg of CBD and will help elicit a deeper, longer-lasting calm throughout the day.

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4. NuLeaf Naturals Full Spectrum CBD Oil


This natural CBD oil is a strong product, and no matter what size bottle you get from Nuleaf, you can expect to get 50 mgs of CBD in one milliliter of oil. A single drop contains approximately 2.4 mgs of CBD, so you can drip your way to the perfect dose — we recommend keeping it between 20 and 50 milligrams at any given time. After choosing your perfect amount, give it 30 minutes to kick in before deciding if you need more to unwind.

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5. Charlotte’s Web Calm CBD Gummies


I don’t know about you, but I love any excuse to eat a couple of gummies — and what better reason than to promote a calm, clear mind? In addition to the 80+ naturally-occurring phytocannabinoids in this proprietary blend from Charlotte’s Web, these gummies also feature L-theanine, which is a calming amino acid that also reduces anxiety. Treat yourself to two of these lemony delights (each with 10mg of CBD) and sit back while its widely-praised results set in.

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6. Naternal CBD Oil


Whether you opt for the full spectrum CBD oil or the THC-free broad spectrum tincture from Naternal, both of these products are designed to offer the benefits of an array of terpenes in addition to CBD. These potent blends are available in 600mg, 1200mg, and 2400mgs of CBD per 30mL bottle.

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7. Medterra Good Morning Capsules


The best way to have a good day is to start it off on the right foot, and one way to do so is by taking these Medterra capsules that are designed to both energize and calm the system. Thanks to a formula rich in vitamin B6 and B12, caffeine, L-Tyrosine, and L-Theanine, these capsules may clear your mind, diminish your stresses, and make you look forward to the day ahead.

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How to Use CBD for Anxiety

There are a ton of different CBD products on the market today, which means there are a lot of ways that you can use CBD for anxiety.

Let’s start with the basics: Taking a CBD oil tincture sublingually will take effect more quickly than a CBD gummy or capsule — this is because the tincture is highly concentrated and starts to infiltrate your bloodstream once it’s placed below the tongue, and continues to take effect after the oil is swallowed.

CBD capsules and edibles are a bit different since they must go through the digestive system for the CBD to be broken down and absorbed by the body. This means that these products may not work as quickly as tincture, but the effects of CBD tend to last longer when using these application methods.

Benefits of CBD for Anxiety

Evidence suggests that CBD has the ability to calm the mind and body with minimal side effects and an excellent safety profile, making it a solid choice when thinking of ways to treat anxiety — especially since it doesn’t require a prescription to do so. If you’re buying CBD oil, the trick is to always look for CBD products derived from industrial hemp that are tested by third-party labs to ensure they’re safe and legal formulas that contain the proper cannabinoid concentration (A.K.A. not having too much THC).

Does CBD Oil for Anxiety Really Work?

Whether you have generalized anxiety disorder or a more severe form of panic disorder, you can benefit from introducing cannabinoids like CBD into your system. First off, our bodies all have endocannabinoid systems (ECS) that help us regulate many important functions, like pain sensation, mood, hormone levels, inflammation, and more. CBD stimulates the ECS by interacting indirectly with cannabinoid receptors all throughout the body.

This is why people take CBD for anxiety and depression, to try and achieve more internal balance that prevents hormones like cortisol and adrenaline (the stress and emergency hormones) from over producing and inducing feelings of anxiety.

With all that said, it is worth mentioning that more clinical trials are necessary to determine the efficacy of CBD for anxiety, as well as the long term effects of CBD on the body.

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Evidence suggests that CBD has the ability to calm the mind and body with minimal sedative effects and an excellent safety profile, making it a solid choice when thinking of ways to address anxiety — especially since it doesn’t require a prescription to do so. The trick is to always look for CBD products tested by third-party labs to ensure they’re safe, legal formulas without too much THC.

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